Premiere Pro CS3 Track Matte

July 12th, 2008
by Kristof

Today, I tried to apply a track matte to a video track. I wanted a title bar with an explosion effect.

I had a fuel barrel explosion clip, the shape for my title bar and I had created a matte out of that title bar. For some reason or other, I couldn't get the matte to work. It worked on the main line, but it wouldn't work on the sequence I had created for the explosion.

After a lot of cursing I found the solution. It turns out track mattes are actually tied into your original movieclip. Since I scaled my clip to because the clip was a little too small, it also scaled my matte to 200%.

The solution was to create a sequence out of the explosion, then load that sequence into a second sequence that had the matte. Piece of cake - if you know what to do.

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