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Selecting and setting the melody on the e-Prance doorbell

November 28th, 2015

This may also work on other doorbells utilising the same chipset, including EasyAcc, MagicFly, Forrinx, ... If you doorbell has 52 melodies, one or two receivers and a led, this will probably work for you.

  • If the doorbell is more than a ten second run away from your chime, you may want to call in a second person to help. Have that person stand at the doorbell.
  • Select the melody you want by pressing the bottom button on the chime (with the music note on it). Don't press the doorbell while you're selecting.
  • Once you've found a suitable melody, press the top button (volume) until the led flashes and a sound is played. You know have about ten seconds to get to the doorbell.
  • Rush to the doorbell and press the doorbell once. The melody will start to play. You now have about ten seconds to get back to the chime.
  • Run back to the chime and press the volume button again until the led flashes and the sound plays.

You have now set the melody. Congratulations.

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