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Google Keep

March 6th, 2017

Everyone that knows me, knows I'm a Google Keep fan. It's the best app for taking notes out there and I'm taking some time out to tell you why.

It can order your notes by colour or category. You can filter by category or search a note by entering one or more keywords, as you would expect from a Google app. Data is stored in the could and accessible on so even when you're without your phone, you can still access Keep. It also means you can use your full keyboard to type lengthier notes. But here are a few features your note app may not have and a nifty way to use that feature.

Text grabbing from images

Google Keep can grab text from your images and it does so with about 80% success rate. While that's not very high, it means that you don't have to type everything that's on the images. But that's not what I use it for, really. I make photographs of my receipts - dishwasher, clothes, bag, wallet, toys ... and store them in Google keep. Then, I let Google keep grab the text et voila - my receipt is instantly searchable in Google Keep. Next time I need to grab a receipt, I can pick up my phone, open Google keep and search for "Intertoys" or the brand of my dishwasher.

Talk to your shopping list

You can talk to Google Keep. Just say "OK Google" and say "Add potatoes to my shopping list". It will create a list named "Shopping" and add potatoes to it.


You can turn Google Notes into reminders that show up in your Google Calendar. But the best feature is that you can set the reminder to a location. I have a reminde set for my favourite train stations to "check out" so I don't forget to check out. Or I set a reminder for myself when I park my car that I also have to open my parking app and "stop parking".

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