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iPad: the best way to experience the web (deaf, partially blind, on your own)

January 28th, 2010

The iPad is a device that has no USB ports, no Flash support, no front cam and no multitasking. Let's see what this means.

You won't be able to add additional storage. In a its cheapest form, it has 16GB of storage. That cannot be expanded. Think how many pictures and music you currently have on your netbook or laptop.

It won't play music on the web. Last.FM, Facebook, YouTube, Hyves, MySpace and a myriad of other websites use Flash to let you listen to music. "The best way to experience the web" is as a deaf person.

You won't be able to connect to network or USB printers. This rules out the iPad as a business tool. Unless you absolutely never have to print anything out.

You won't be able to connect to external storage devices. You won't be able to connect to your Network Storage or other laptops - Windows, Mac or Linux.

It has no camera, so there won't be any videochat. Almost all current netbooks and laptops have a built-in webcam. And you won't be able to add an external webcam because, you guessed it, no USB support. There's also no mention of a microphone so even skyping won't work. Oh, and there's no USB support so no USB microphones either.

It won't play video on the web. Sure, it will have its built-in YouTube app, but since it doesn't have multitasking, that means you will have to stop browsing and watch the movie. When the movie is finished, you'll have to start the browser again. Manually. That's acceptable for a Smartphone, but not for a tablet. And you certainly won't be able to watch MySpace video. Or Vimeo. Or Blip.TV. All of which are very good and valid video sites with extremely good content.

There's no easy way to type text on the tablet. And you can't add a USB keyboard. Because it has no USB. So don't expect to type long mails to your mother - which you could just Skype if you had a webcam. Or even a built-in microphone.

For those of you who think the absence of Flash is good because "you browse with Flash turned off anyway". That is not entirely true for most. Most run with a Flash blocker which allows them to turn Flash ON every once in a while to experience additional content on a website. But you don't even have that choice. There is no Flash. And I highly doubt that it will have HTML5 video support.

So there. No iPad for me. I'll stick to my Acer Netbook for couch surfing.

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September 22nd, 2008

Incidentally, if you're a serious Flash developer, you should check out the 25 lines contest.

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BBC ditches Microsoft, adopts Adobe: 100% more views

July 2nd, 2008

The BBC signed a technology deal with Adobe last year. It enabled the BBC to make their iPlayer Mac-compatible. Replacing Microsoft's WMV and RealSoftware's proprietary formats by Flash Embedded video doubled the video views.

It's of course impossible to attribute this raise only to the Mac community. It proves that embedded Flash Video actually presents a lower threshold, enabling more viewers to take advantage of the iPlayer.

Recently, the BBC ditched Microsoft altogether and will be replacing their Microsoft-backed desktop applications by applications that are based on the Flash/Flex framework.

It's all the more an interesting development since the Dutch national television recently came under fire when they adopted Microsoft Silverlight technology to stream the European Soccer Championship.

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Using Base64Encoder for Basic authentication in Flex/AIR

June 29th, 2008

I've been trying to perform Basic HTTP Authentication using Flex/Air yesterday and couldn't figure out what was wrong - until I RTFM'd and found out that .encode only encodes and returns void. One needs to .flush() to get the encoded data back.

  2. private function loadSomething():void
  3. {
  4. var strUserName:String = 'foo';
  5. var strPassword:String = 'bar';
  7. var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
  8. var myRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest();
  9. var authEncoder:Base64Encoder = new Base64Encoder();
  11. var authHeader:URLRequestHeader = new URLRequestHeader();
  12. = 'Authorization';
  13. authEncoder.encode(strUserName + ':' + strPassword);
  14. authHeader.value = 'Basic ' + authEncoder.flush();
  16. myRequest.requestHeaders.push (authHeader);
  17. myRequest.url = "http://yourown.domain/your/url";
  18. myRequest.method = URLRequestMethod.GET;
  20. myLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, urlLoaded);
  21. myLoader.load(myRequest);
  23. }
  25. function urlLoaded(e:Event) {}

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June 26th, 2008

Peter Elst just launched is a community-based jobboard. Amazingly enough, the site is free - even for companies that want to post jobs. There's of course the odd feature that requires a fee but even then, 20 percent of the monthly revenue will be donated to charity.

As I write this entry, jobs are being added to the site. The few jobs currently posted originate from all over the globe. Community support looks strong and will be a major success factor for

The only thing this site needs is a little space for potential candidates and freelancers to leave an impression and the matchmaking site will be complete. And whaddayaknow? Peter already added that to the list of features to be added "in the near future".

Let's hope is not going to turn into another "enter ALL of your details including highschool friends and that female teacher you had a crush on and all the different types of pasta you've eaten in your life and all of the places you visited" setup, but, instead, a simple 1-minute setup. I've always felt that careersites asked way too much information. Just the basics and company and candidate will sort things out themselves, thank you very much.

I believe "niche" websites like this will become the ultimate future. A small company in the Netherlands has set-up a jobsite aimed solely at the creative industry and it's becoming increasingly popular as well.

Let's root for! From the community, for the community and, eventually, by the community.

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