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June 26th, 2008

Peter Elst just launched is a community-based jobboard. Amazingly enough, the site is free - even for companies that want to post jobs. There's of course the odd feature that requires a fee but even then, 20 percent of the monthly revenue will be donated to charity.

As I write this entry, jobs are being added to the site. The few jobs currently posted originate from all over the globe. Community support looks strong and will be a major success factor for

The only thing this site needs is a little space for potential candidates and freelancers to leave an impression and the matchmaking site will be complete. And whaddayaknow? Peter already added that to the list of features to be added "in the near future".

Let's hope is not going to turn into another "enter ALL of your details including highschool friends and that female teacher you had a crush on and all the different types of pasta you've eaten in your life and all of the places you visited" setup, but, instead, a simple 1-minute setup. I've always felt that careersites asked way too much information. Just the basics and company and candidate will sort things out themselves, thank you very much.

I believe "niche" websites like this will become the ultimate future. A small company in the Netherlands has set-up a jobsite aimed solely at the creative industry and it's becoming increasingly popular as well.

Let's root for! From the community, for the community and, eventually, by the community.

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More Flash vs Silverlight

June 19th, 2008

Silverlight has very few to no features that do not exist in Flash or that cannot be created in Flash. Still, Silverlight fanboys insist on holding a peeing contest with Flash users.

Another painful example of this can be found at which is a Dutch tech-site. The article reports on Dutch public television using Flash for online TV. A previous article on a Dutch Public Television using Silverlight already resulted in a Flash-Bash in which some people threw around "But Silverlight can do ... " statements, only to be countered by Flash-savvy people.

There are good and valid reasons for choosing Silverlight over Flash. For organisations that are deeply rooted in Microsoft development, with money invested in Visual Studio and .NET development, Silverlight is a logical choice. But please, stop making it all about features - neither Adobe nor Microsoft would be foolish enough to leave out obvious options and with Flash 10 on the way, possible existing gaps will be closed and the difference will be minimised.

Instead, both parties should be happy with the competition because it will probably mean a better effort from the developing companies.

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But, of course

June 3rd, 2008

Apart from the fact that preloading is so 2000, it's almost weird to see that the
promotional site for VS2008 is a Flash application and not, as you might expect, a Silverlight application.

The PV3D implementation doesn't really add to the quality of the application, though. There's nothing to interact with but the navigational buttons. No clicking on trees, no walking back or front ...

There is however the "make your own" option which allows you do some mashuppy stuff with video's and voiceovers. I still don't get the meaning behind this concept, but it makes me wonder why they did it in Flash.

Edit: it looks like Microsoft came around and replaced the Flash by Silverlight.

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About something being bliss

May 22nd, 2008

In the past few months, I have met people that, for one reason or the other, wanted to share their views on Silverlight. This inevitably started out with things like "It's going to kill Flash" and always continued with me throwing a very lighthearted "oh, really".

They then started claiming that Silverlight had a lot of options and possibilities that "Flash didn't have". I'll name a few of the more humorous ones.

  • Silverlight can read XML documents
  • Silverlight can interact with databases
  • There's something new and it's called Silverlight and it'll be cool

I kid you not, those were the most serious comments I got on Silverlight. The usual "Oh, but Flash has had that since <insert random year here>" on both occasions resulted in a "Well, I must admit I don't know anything about Flash".

I don't understand people that will religiously follow any technology whatsoever. If people follow technology "M" and "M" tells its followers that their Truth is the Only Truth and the followers of "M" blatantly believe this, then I have no idea what to think of technology "M".

Technology "M" is currently holding "Dev Days" in the Netherlands. I'm almost afraid to hear the stories my colleagues will be having next week ... Probably something about Silverlight being better than AIR 😉

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Adobe Air != Microsoft Silverlight

May 16th, 2008
AIR != Silverlight

As Peter Elst points out: Adobe AIR is not the same as Microsoft Silverlight. Where he uses words, I will use technology to prove my point. Clicking the button below will answer the question in a simple way.

On to the source code »

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